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Fill out the form for the type of sales copy you want us to write, explain more about your product, service or offer and we’ll do the rest.

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Having the right headline, sales copy, webinar copy, OTO copy and email follow-up is what increases your sales conversion numbers.

Use For Video Sales Scripts/ PPT

You can use our copywriters to create your video sales script and PowerPoint sales copy. Our copy formula keeps the viewer interested in your product when watching your video to help increase lead list sign ups and sales.

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Sales Copy Made Easy

Whether you are an expert entrepreneur or just a beginner – OfferCopy makes it easy and affordable to get launch your next product with the right sales copy!

Because You're Not A Writer

That’s okay! As long as you know everything about your product and you can fill out a simple online form we can handle the rest!

Copy Written to Convert Sales

Once you fill out the simple online form our team gets to work writing your sales copy that is designed specifically to convert leads and sales for you!

We’re quickly growing to support our customer base who keeps coming back because of the quality, affordable copy writing work we provide.

Sales Letters

We know sales letters and how to write them with our special formula that helps you sell more and increase conversions.

Headlines Created

We don’t stop at sales copy! Our staff of copywriters work hard to provide eye-catching headlines or titles for social media and blogs!

Our pricing is simple:

Pay as You Go

$ 10-39 per

Pay as you go offers you the opportunity to have our copywriters work for you as you need them. Some copy work is cheaper than others but the price is always displayed before starting.

Become a Member

$ 99 /mo

Members have access to all copy forms and can submit work up to 30 times per month! Being a member saves time & money when working on large marketing or multiple sales projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About OfferCopy

Below is a brief list of frequently asked question we receive from our customers.  If there is a question you don’t see here but would like to ask, please contact us.

Not to be blunt, but our copywriters are not mind readers, they need to know more about your product, service, webinar or email system.  Once they have the email provided in the form they get to work with a proven formula that helps them create incredible copy for you in a matter of 24 -48 hours.
Most of the time when you hire someone to write sales copy for you they can charge anywhere from $100 per hour up to $1,000 per hour.  We have a large group of writers on staff that handle daily volume from our customers which helps us lower the cost and give you excellent service on a budget.
Typically 24 – 48 hours but sometimes it’s even sooner depending on the work load our writers are facing.  It’s first come first serve so the moment you submit a form with payment you will be given a job number and placed in que to have a writer contact you and begin the work.
Unfortunately there are no revisions, but 99% of our customers are okay with that because we give them quality drafts to immediately begin placing on their squeeze pages and webinars that instantly convert.
When you submit your information with payment and you are contacted by a copywriter we will begin the process of putting together a draft.  A draft can be considered a final copy since we do not allow for revisions.  Our service is meant to be a supportive effort to help you with sales copy, you can make any changes to your draft and change it to fit your needs.  This is how we keep our costs low and our turnaround times fast.
Unfortunately no, most people want to complain that something isn’t right with our wording, phrasing or they simply say it wasn’t what they expected and end up wasting the time of the writer and our services.  If you have a complaint though you can always talk with a manager and we would be glad to try to resolve any issue.
Yes! You can get started quickly and effortlessly, then before you know it you have complete sales letters and professional copy ready to go so you can get back to doing what you do best!  Plus our copy converts more sales and more signups than any other service.
First you have to choose a category from our list in our top menu.  Once you found a category you then need to select a sales copy letter that matches what you are looking for.  Fill out the form, submit payment and we’ll do the rest!  It’s very easy.

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